Win tickets to see MillionYoung tonight
Chris Doss

Win tickets to see MillionYoung tonight

Psst! Whatcha doing tonight? Really? Funny, we saw your Facebook status just a bit ago, and we could've swore it read something like: Very busy evening tonight -- eating dinner, folding laundry, watching Idol, and, uh, updating your Facebook status, we presume. Actually, hold on: That might've been ours.

Hmm... Anyhow, here's three compelling reasons to head out on a school night. How about MillionYoung with Force Publique and Flashlights tonight at the Larimer? Sounds cool, eh? Well, you're in luck. We've happen to have a couple pairs of tickets up for grabs. Interested? Hit us up and tell us what city MillionYoung hails from. We'll pick a pair of winners at random after 4 p.m.


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