With superhero flair, Stenchman brings his sinister bass to NORAD

Stenchman is one of several monikers that producer, DJ and sometimes MC Jack Carter uses; you might also know him as Henchman, or as half of Suspicious Stench, alongside Suspect. He's dabbled in dub-style sounds since his early days of production, which involved a lot of drum-and-bass, and his musical expression is particularly focused on dubstep. For all that, though, there's a lot of variety in the tracks that Carter puts out under the Stenchman brand: He fuses elements of garage and house in with deep, sinister bass lines and eerie melodies for a sound that balances organic and synthetic effects to utterly danceable ends. And the weird mask that Stenchman wears gives his sets a touch of superhero (or supervillain?) flair. He'll headline NORAD Dance Bar this Saturday, September 22, with LT Dan, Candy Cobra, Kruza Kid and Lady V.


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