Wolf Eyes

Regardless of what the codpiece-metal marauders in Manowar taught you, rock and medieval weaponry do not mix. Apparently, this lesson never penetrated the thick skull of Wolf Eyes leader Nathan Young, who incurred a concussion and a scalp full of staples recently after clocking himself upside the head with a spiked mace while on stage in Minneapolis, opening for Sonic Youth. Segue straight into: Burned Mind, the synapse-scorching new disc by the Detroit noise-core trio, an album that's less a listen than a full-on psychic trauma. Recorded, as its last few dozen releases were, in the group's home studio for the price of a sack of Arby's, Mind is a sick, sloppy fuck of hardcore thrust, industrial squeal and Young's acetone-guzzling utterances (something involving violence, death, piss, snakes and puke). By the time the track "Stabbed in the Face" leaves a path of sludge-steeped guitars, blinding cyber-static and shorn flesh in its wake, you'll be ready to hang up your battle-ax for good.


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