Wolf Eyes

Big-budget bands, on average, take anywhere from two to five years to produce a full-length album. Wolf Eyes takes about a week. The act is a record collector's nightmare, with an extensive discography that stretches far into the annals of self-produced cassette tapes, CD-Rs and the occasional etched vinyl record. Human Animal, released as a proper label effort on Sub Pop, is the latest from the Michigan-based trio and is pure Wolf Eyes fanaticism. To say that the group is a noise band is an understatement. From the five-minute opener "A Million Years" to the aptly titled "Noise Not Music," Animal strips down the conventions of 4/4 time signatures and lays it naked in Throbbing Gristle's industrial junkyard. Wolf Eyes induces headaches and pitches the kind of squealing frequencies that only dogs can hear. It's not for the faint of heart -- heck, it'd even make the strong-willed go weak in the knees.


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