Wolf Parade

Going through the motions: We're all guilty of it. But Montreal's Wolf Parade seems incapable of sitting still and sucking. On its recent, self-titled EP and Apologies to the Queen Mary, its upcoming Sub Pop full-length, the band is grabbed, shaken and propelled from within by some kind of wind-up demons. Songs careen from kidlike daydreaming to the most precipitous emotional abyss, heaped with fistfuls of raw, erratic prog and piercing pop. As far as name-dropping goes, Wolf Parade's got it covered: Besides touring with and loaning members to the Arcade Fire, the group enlisted Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse to produce Apologies. And to top it off, Dante DeCaro, late of Hot Hot Heat, is Wolf Parade's newest touring member; he'll also play a solo set of new, purportedly folk-oriented stuff following local opener d.biddle.


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