Wolfgang Gartner at Vinyl

After releasing a slew of records under such aliases as Mario Fabriani, White Collar Criminals and Frequent Fliers, Joey Youngman hit it big with his latest and greatest nom de beats: Wolfgang Gartner. Under that alias, introduced in 2007, Youngman has quickly built a worldwide buzz for his brazen style of electro house, drawing comparisons to Deadmau5 and racking up remixes for other top electro acts such as MSTRKRFT while churning out his own string of hit productions. His work is an almost pitch-perfect example of the still-hot electro house sound, albeit with a subtle, almost ineffable quality that distinguishes him from the pack. His production skills — honed since he was just eleven years old — have netted him almost 75,000 download sales, six number-one charting tunes on Beatport, three video-game licensed tracks, a Pete Tong "essential new tune of the week," and tons of support from DJs and fans alike. Catch him Saturday, September 5, at Vinyl.


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