Wrangler Brutes

When Sam McPheeters first shrieked "Born Against are fucking dead!" over a decade ago, it was only a sarcastic epitaph for his band. But it soon turned prophetic. In 1993, the seminal hardcore group broke up, leaving a legacy of political passion, fury and wise-ass iconoclasm. Now, after years spent fronting the artsy Men's Recovery Project, McPheeters has resurrected the spit and spirit of Born Against in his new outfit, Wrangler Brutes. Joined by Born drummer Brooks Headley, as well as bassist Cundo Si Murad and guitarist Andy Coronado (of the revered skronk-punk acts Monorchid and Skull Control), McPheeters is back to his old, acidic self. The Brutes' new full-length, Zulu, was just released on Kill Rock Stars, and it's a snarling fit of viciously satiric punk rock, poking bloodthirsty fun at everything from homophobia to Ariel Sharon. Live, the quartet threatens to be at least as tooth-chipping and cranium-scraping as its predecessor. Born Against may be fucking dead, but Wrangler Brutes are alive and shit-kicking.


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