Xavier Rudd

Certain folks will love the music of native Australian Xavier Rudd, while others will hate it the way they despise injustice, cruelty toward children and animals, and the smell of hard-boiled eggs left in the sun for two weeks. To decide which category best fits you, consider the following: 1) Rudd has served as an opening act for the Dave Matthews Band; 2) He's known for his refusal to wear shoes; 3) "Better People," the lead track on his most recent album, White Moth, includes the lines "My respect to the ones in the forest/Standing up for our trees." 4) After playing a version of "Iron Man" at Bonnaroo that swayed instead of rocked, Rudd told the crowd, "Thanks for the good energy. It feels beautiful up in here." Anyone excited by three of these four facts should immediately buy tickets for one or both of these shows, at which Rudd shares the stage with Mishka. And if your score is lower? Stay away! For God's sake, stay away!


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