Jona Bechtolt is the David Blaine of laptop pop. No, really. Dude is a card-carrying member of the Society of American Magicians. A bona fide magic man. So how fitting is it, then, that the Portland-based IDM wizard dubbed his new album I Believe in You, Your Magic Is Real? You can almost see the guy at home waving a wand over his computer as he's finishing a song, uttering the word "abracadabra." His work with YACHT, though, turns out to be less reliant on sleight-of-hand trickery. Taking a childlike approach to his tunes, Bechtolt alternates between giddy electro-pop and slice-n-dice electro à la the Books -- only without as much fractured dialogue and found sounds. Basically, this guy would be ideal at your average eight-year-old's birthday party. He'd make all the kids bug out. Oh, and did we mention that he knows how to do magic tricks?


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