Year of the Dragonfly

Having teamed up with Madeline Johnston of Mariposa for this new project, called Year of the Dragonfly, Hunter Dragon embraces a more consistent, accessible sound. The duo's debut release, Pupil, is a chilled-out gem of an album that explores the intimate, comfortably sad sounds of Massive Attack or Kid A-era Radiohead. One half of the record comprises ambient instrumentals, and the other features songs with Johnston's beautifully elfish, CocoRosie-style vocals. On the duet "Horse," Dragon takes on a crooning baritone in contrast to Johnston's pixie alto. The celestial "Black Friday" is a serotonin boost of optimism, while the dizzying "What Now?" brings things back to an unsettling low. From start to finish, Pupil flows with a melancholic intoxication, perfect for long drives or sleepless nights alone.


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