Yeasayer likes to float between the lines of genre convention enough that its music is often mischaracterized as "experimental." In some respects, it's true — the group does sound different from other bands — but when it comes down to it, Yeasayer is a pop act making music for people to sing along to. Calling Yeasayer experimental is a way to make up for lost words, or perhaps to get around pointing out that its worldy-electro vibe is inspired more by Paul Simon or Peter Gabriel than by its contemporaries. Yeasayer's last record, Odd Blood, went in the exact direction that fans expected after its debut, All Hour Cymbals — meaning it was a pleasant mix of beat-propulsion sonic weirdness held together by jangling guitar lines and traditional synth hooks. The result is still pop music, but it somehow sounds so much smarter than most of what's out there.


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