Yellow Fever

Jennifer Moore most recently played Denver as a member of '60s soul-pop cover band the Carrots. But she's probably better known for her stint in Voxtrot. Infectious pop hooks notwithstanding, Yellow Fever is a bit different from either of those projects. Moore's Nico-esque vocals are reminiscent of Midnight Movies, while the minimalist bass lines and spare percussion may remind some listeners of Helium and others of later-era Stereolab. Although the act's sound borders on lounge music, there is an undeniable energy and urgency to the clever wordplay. In another era, Yellow Fever would have been lumped in with the lo-fi indie-pop thing because of the catchy tunes, but in reality, the vibe is darker than that of most pop bands. Instead of using the Beach Boys as a touchstone here, think the Shaggs.


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