Yooj celebrates the end of the world at Beta this Friday

There are few spin doctors capable of melding the soaring, often poignant melodies of deep house with the mechanical, syncopated beats of pure techno, but Yooj (the stage name of tech-house impresario Eugene Albert) is one of them. And Yooj's career has taken one or two ironic turns. A native of the San Francisco area, he now calls Berlin home, so it makes perfect sense that the tunes he turns out are a relentlessly funky blend of the best aspects of techno and house music. But strangely, his interest in house wasn't piqued in San Francisco; he fell in love with it in Italy. However roundabout his arrival to the tech-house circuit, his presence there is an asset to the subgenre. It'll be a treat to share the end of the world with him on Friday, December 21, at Beta.


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