You don't want to miss Dragondeer's cosmic blues

Dragondeer, the long-running side project of Swayback frontman Eric Halborg, has always been something you got to see once in a great while — like if you happened to be at the JINXED! jam night at Rockbar a few years back. In contrast to the Swayback, Dragondeer (due at the Walnut Room on Saturday, March 9) has an acoustic guitar and harmonica as its base, propelling Halborg's signature soulful croon. The resultant bluesy psychedelia isn't so much 13th Floor Elevators as it is the sort of thing Led Zeppelin might have done had it gone the way of space rock after its third album. The band's intricate instrumentation and tightly accented rhythms (Cole Rudy's on lap steel and mandolin, and Carl Sorensen's on percussion) convey an openness of spirit. Halborg couldn't have picked a more able crew to realize his own cosmic blues.


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