You Say Party! We Say Die!

Remember that one cheerleader in high school? You know, the one who discovered Camus, Marx and black lipstick in her junior year? Yeah, that one. She got all nihilistic and started shouting inane chants about murder, social injustice and revolution. And on game days, she dutifully wore her uniform but got violently defiant when the coach asked her to take out her septum piercing and cover up that neck tattoo. That just might have been Becky Ninkovic, frontwoman for the homicidal dance quintet You Say Party! We Say Die! With Derek Adam on abused guitar, Krista Loewen on contorted carnival keys, Stephen O'Shea on bass and Bruce Dyck on drums, the Vancouver-based act is an unstoppable sonic force. This machine kills fascists and bludgeons the bourgeoisie with Ramones beats, off-key rhythmic rants and a bloody maniacal organ. Its debut album, Hit the Floor! (yes, if exclamation points could kill, these folks would be doing time), is full of paranoid diatribes, hedonistic anthems and dance-punk frenzies. Evidently, that cheerleader picked up a case-a-day Red Bull habit, too.


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