Young Coyotes

A lot of former emo-turned-indie-rock kids take a bad turn when they get bored with the artistic limitations of punk rock's bastard child. Fortunately, Young Coyotes (due at the Bluebird Theater on Friday, September 12) didn't slide into slackardly alt-country or half-assed neo-classic rock. Rather, these guys wisely chose to largely dispense with electric instruments and take a more organic approach to songwriting. The knack for pop songcraft never left Zach Tipton and Adam Halferty, but to anyone who has ever heard Moros Eros or The Axe That Chopped the Cherry Tree, it's obvious that this duo is interested in writing truly honest and earnest material in a style wildly different from the ones for which they're already known. With youthful energy, these Coyotes, ably augmented by Matt Wilcox, are running in new pastures.


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