Young Widows

From 2002 to 2006, Evan Patterson and Nick Thieneman were in the renowned post-hardcore band Breather Resist, from Louisville, Kentucky. After a lineup change and a decided move toward evolving its sound, that band morphed into Young Widows. Unlike Breather Resist's penchant for distilling raw emotion into vectored blasts of sound, Young Widows crafted material that was never quite the same from album to album and was characterized more by haunting intensity than by adrenaline. In its first year of existence, the group released a series of split seven-inches with artists as varied as Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Melt-Banana, Pelican and My Disco. Touring in support of its latest release, In and Out of Youth and Light, Young Widows has created a fascinating amalgam of art punk and introspective minimalism.


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