Zebra Junction closes up shop this evening

Zebra Junction closes up shop this evening

After four albums, extensive touring and a decade together, Zebra Junction, who just took home honors at this year's Westword Music Showcase awards, will be playing its last show tonight in Golden at Parfet Park. Although the members intend to continue to collaborate and record music with one another, there's no plans to perform together live again -- until such time comes when an inevitable reunion years down the road beckons them to. Read the band's farewell missive after the jump.

This Summer marks the 10 year anniversary of Micah and Shawn forming

the band know as Zebra Junction.  In that time we recorded 4 albums,

made 4 trips to Europe, and played countless shows from virtually every

dive bar in Denver (anyone remember The Great Divide on S. Broadway?)

all the way up to a sold-out show at Red Rocks Amphitheater.  How time


We will still write, record and create music together, but from

different locals.  Shawn will most likely end up in France with his

lovely wife Patricia.  Micah and Adrienne will most likely join a

circus, traveling wherever the road may lead.  We're not ruling out

reunion shows or tours, in the U.S. and Europe someday, not to mention

possible performances with Josh Blue And The Hooligan Stew Revue who's

debut album is due out sometime soon.  We're confident you'll love it

when you hear it!

After making the ballot for the past 5 years running, we FINALLY won

top honors in the Westword Music Showcase this year for Best Jam/Improv

band!  Among the winners in other genres are people we've done shows

with and greatly admire: Ian Cooke, Something Underground, and Paper

Bird.  We wish you all the success in the world!


A VERY special thanks to Mike Whalen who joined the group from 2001-04

and contributed his songs to our first album Orange Porridge. 

Definitely check out his newest band Wonderlic!  Also, James Han, who

was a member for a year and played his magical keys on our last 3

albums.  You can check him out performing with Bela Karoli and The

Wheel these days.


Thanks to Oakhurst for being the first to cover our songs and showing

us the ropes on our first "proper" tour.  We'll never forget living on

that double decker tour bus with you guys in Europe!  So many songs

came together on that trip.


Thanks to The Junkettes (Adrienne and Fannie) for bringing so much class n' sass to our live shows the past 2 years.


Thanks to Marlo and Kit at The Olde Town Pickin' Parlor in Arvada for

giving us jobs 10 years ago and allowing us to practice in the store

after hours and inspiring our unique approach to music.


So many have touched, helped and inspired us over the past decade. 

Thank you Ivan Suvanjieff and Peace Jam, Dwight Mark, Richard Castaldo,

Edward Dick, Mark Hutchinson, The Clam Daddy's!!!!, Erik Dyce, Patou,

Nate Norris, Thomas Love, Erik Palmer, Scott Robinette, Mark Backus,

Rhonda Smith, Erin and Hunter Shumaker, our students, Ed Edwards, Randy

Rigby, Gus Skinas, Dan Polizzi, Bobbie's in Leadville, The Appaloosa,

The D-Note, Eric and Amy Matelski, Nicole Torres, Ken Arkind, Ted Vaca

and the Denver Slam Team, Jake Schroeder, Bob Wall, Armando Zuppa, Anna

Mack, Marc 'Nahtass' W., Daniel Plym, Josh Blue, Yuko and Simon, Bill

Swartz, Chad Swiercinsky, Rob Hall, Phil and Stacy Whalen, Boulder

Acoustic Society, Morris Beegle, Steve Gaskin, Dave Barber, Gene

Hayworth, Ma and Pa Lundy, Myles Lundy, Chris Lawhead, Pedro and Alex

Castano, Ron Gordon and the Walnut Room, Glenn Isle Resort Cabins,

Sharon Rawles, KRFC, Fred and Jackie Holzhauer, Roxanne Staples, Justin

Dinay, Laura Goldhamer, Matt Kirk, Roger Beauchamp, Taylor Grant, Tasha

King, and of course our teacher and mentor... Zeb himself aka Thommy

Knox.  I'm sure we're missing several people and you know who you are. 



We hope you'll continue to enjoy our recordings and look out for future

projects down the road.  If you don't have all of our albums yet you

can go to Zebra Merch and get hooked up straight away, or come see us

This Friday, Aug 7, at Parfet Park in Golden..

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