Zodiac Room

Those Lipgloss guys are everywhere -- including this column, where they're making their third consecutive appearance. Starting on December 15, the fearsome foursome of DJs Tyler Jacobson, Tower, Tim Cook and Michael Trundle will unleash the beast every Thursday for Oh Shit, a kiddie-friendly eighteen-and-over night at the recently revamped Zodiac Room, 6080 West 92nd Avenue in Westminster. Jacobson and Tower will be the resident vinyl peddlers, with Cook and Trundle staffing the tables when needed. Since Zodiac falls in the frozen northland for much of the usual Lipgloss/Softcore crowd, Oh Shit is sure to attract some fresh faces. "We're trying out a new format and letting the pieces fall where they may," Jacobson says. "Hopefully, it will be a beautiful experience."

Or, if the name is any indication, at least a lively one. "It seems kind of juvenile," Jacobson admits, "but we wanted it to have an aggressive feel -- maybe something you don't want to talk to your parents about. And it's a Buzzcocks song." Check www.denver3.com for updates (web information is pretty limited so far), or call the Zodiac hotline at 303-429-9173.

For a lively and live experience, roll into Bounce Lounge on Friday, December 23, at the Walnut Room, 3131 Walnut Street. Count D and Theo Smith (aka Lord of Word) are hosting the ultimate jam session for old-school lovers, with layers of rap MCs, R&B singers and a soul band all stitched together for one non-stop, hectic performance. "What we're doing is taking songs that have been sampled over the years and doing the original versions," explains Count D. "Then it's like a freestyle event where the band just kind of vibes and grooves out."



You hear that, Diddy, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre? The beans are being spilled: Now everyone's going to know that all those catchy hooks actually came from the likes of the Ohio Players, the Gap Band and the Commodores. So, come learn some music history from a roster of professionals: DJ Timbuk, No Coast Music, Tony Rome, Young Veto, Jimmy J, Sho, Avenue, Mizri, Apostle, Ganja Zulu, Nyke Loc, Twizz Loak, Dae Dae and the Disciples of Bass. The lesson starts promptly at 9 p.m.; cover is $10. For more information, go to www.jerseybounce.com or dial the venue at 303-292-1700.

Word to your mother.


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