Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer

It's tragic that Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer gets stuck touring with lousy bands like My Chemical Romance and the Starting Line. While those acts bank on keeping up some sort of punk facade, Zolof pumps out pure, breathtaking pop -- and makes no apologies for it. Fronted by syrup-voiced singer/keyboardist Rachel Minton and fellow songwriter Vincent Ratti -- who met, aptly enough, at summer camp -- the Philadelphia combo takes Weezer's giddy riffs and injects them with the delirious, synth-smeared buzz of the Anniversary's Designing a Nervous Breakdown. The quartet's debut, The Popsicle EP, is exactly as fun, sweet and brain-freeze-inducing as its title would lead you to believe. Zolof won't destroy rock and roll (or even save it), but with songs as infectious as these, the group might prolong the genre's energy and innocence a little longer.


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