The post-stoner sounds made by Atlanta's Zoroaster can be described in extremely simple terms — "loud" and "heavy" among them. But the band's seemingly basic approach still leaves room for aural weirdness by the truckload. "Tualatin," from the combo's 2007 disc Dog Magic, provides the template. The track begins with a quasi-thunderclap and comically overwrought recitations of lines such as "Fight for your life," delivered Middle Ages style. Then, bassist/vocalist Brett Anderson and drummer Dan Scanlan create a monstrously sludgy rhythmic foundation over which guitarist/vocalist Will Fiore growls, wails and generally goes insane over the course of thirteen outlandish minutes. Subtle, it's not: Despite the group's relatively small numbers, Fiore, Anderson and Scanlan fill every second of every tune with roaring racket, whether it be from their main axes or Moogs, theremins and even brass. Clearly, Zoroaster, joined at this date by Sourvein, is devoted to bringing the noise, and plenty of it.


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