Like Eskimo, the Zs have a quirky playfulness about them that is confounding and amazing in equal measure. Part rock band and part chamber ensemble, with a whole lot in between, the Brooklyn-based act displays a frenetic dexterity that evokes a sense of controlled chaos -- like pistons pumping furiously, trying to break out of the engine block. The band, which issued its debut EP on Troubleman Unlimited's outsider-music series, recently appeared alongside Merzbow, Ikue Mori and Mark Feldman, among others, on the Tzadik tribute to experimental genius Earle Brown. The Zs' last few discs, however, including the hot-off-the-presses Arms, have all been released on the Planaria Records imprint. If that's too much to remember, just look for the group in the Z section. Shouldn't be too hard to find; after all, there aren't many artists filed under Z. Let's see, there's Zappa, Zorn, and...come to think of it, the Zs would fit nicely between both of those cats.


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