18th Street Pedestrian Bridge under construction

18th Street Pedestrian Bridge under construction
Oz Architecture

As the Central Platte Valley and the Highlands have become increasingly active neighborhoods, city planners have developed a series of distinctive pedestrian bridges in the area to help foot traffic overcome the rail lines, river and highway that lie underfoot. So far that's included the Millennium Bridge, the Platte River Pedestrian Bridge and the Highland Bridge -- and now the final installment, the 18th Street Pedestrian Bridge, is under construction.

The span will stretch over the railroad tracks at 18th Street, connecting the Riverfront Park area with the future Union Station Light Rail platform. The final design is shown above, courtesy of a rendering snagged by the ever resourceful DenverInfill blogger. Looks nice -- but knowing Denver, it likely won't be complete until the city installs a giant glowing dildo somewhere nearby.

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