20,000 to Fill City Park for DNC Protest Concert

20,000 to Fill City Park for DNC Protest Concert

DNC protest group Tent State University, standing in for the larger protest amalgam Alliance for Real Democracy, has been granted permits to host a series of large concerts in City Park from August 24-28.

Parks and Recreation planners expect as many as 20,000 participants will be drawn to the free performances that, as of now, includes the Flobots, the Coup, Blue Scholars, Jessie Dayton and MC5’s Wayne Kramer. Other large acts could also be slipped into the line-up, says Adam Jung of Tent State, but may not receive pre-announced billing because of contractual conditions that prevent the musicians from promoting pro-bono events. Jung says that the crowds could be even more than the city anticipates, pegging his estimate at 50,000.

Last December, AEG Live promoter Chuck Morris’s attempt to hold the Mile High Music and Arts Festival in City Park was rebuffed when officials from the Denver Zoo objected to the event, saying that the lengthy periods of booming rock music would disturb the animals. This forced Morris to move the July festival to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City.

Jung has met with city officials, but still has to submit a detailed plan for the event – which will be located southwest of the City Park Pavilion in the vicinity of the soccer fields – that must include specifics on amplified sound, trash collection, sanitation, vending activities, security and other logistics. (Like “camping after hours”?) Then the plan has to get past park stakeholders such as the zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and various neighborhood groups.

A meeting between concerned parties is anticipated, though Jung believes that noise won’t be as much of an issue since performances will be limited to four hours and under 75 decibels. The Alliance’s move to City Park does alleviate pressure on public parks near downtown, which saw so many event permit applications for the week of the DNC that the city had to hold a lottery. Today, Tent State relinquished several permits it had won in assorted parks so the slots could be used by other groups, though Jung says they are still holding on to their Wednesday, August 27 permit for Civic Center Park. – Jared Jacang Maher


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