225 Questions Voters Want to Ask Cory Gardner at Town Hall He Won't Stage

Images of Cory Gardner constituents sharing questions they'd like the senator to answer at the type of in-person town hall he refuses to conduct. Video below.
Images of Cory Gardner constituents sharing questions they'd like the senator to answer at the type of in-person town hall he refuses to conduct. Video below. Facebook
Because Senator Cory Gardner is still refusing to hold any in-person town halls, Indivisible Front Range Resistance, the group that staged its own town hall sans Gardner back in February, has assembled a collection of more than 225 videos in which his constituents pose questions they'd like to ask him in person.

IFRR has also assembled a compilation video as an introduction to what the organization describes as a "'Brady Bunch-style' social-media campaign to show Senator Gardner and other members of Congress that these are not paid protesters, but passionate, informed constituents of all ages and backgrounds from across the state who demand answers. Their questions involve everything from whether Senator Gardner supports an independent investigation into the current administration’s ties with Russia to his stance on corporate tax reform."

Here are just a few of the questions or topics tweeted as part of the campaign:

"Why is Congress still trying to defund Planned Parenthood?"

"I think we owe our troops and their families reassurance..."

"Sen Gardner-Are you concerned about POTUS conflicts of interest? Why so quiet?"

"If the answer is yes, would you initiate the draft?"

"How many hours per week do you spend fundraising? If it's less than 30..."

"I work with people who have been able to get healthcare through the Affordable Care Act"

"I want you to support an independent investigation of the Russian ties to the Trump administration."

"You have a wife, you have women in your family, you need to vote..."

"@SenCoryGardner, can you explain this to our 27,000 pro-conservation members?"

"What are YOU doing 2 stop personal financial gain by R government due to conflicts of interest?"

"How are you going to support public education and early childhood literacy?"

"I want to know the steps you are going to take to protect Colorado..."

"Where is my US Senator Cory Gardner? Does he stand for truth?"

The compilation clip is on view below, along with three sample questions sent via Twitter and chosen at random from a massive page allowing access to all the videos that have been recorded to date. Click to learn more about Indivisible Front Range Resistance.

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