23 Most Memorable Mug Shots of March Include Danielle Sciortino's Heroin Ringers

Danielle Sciortino. Additional images below.
Danielle Sciortino. Additional images below.

More than half of the 23 booking photos included in our most memorable mug shots gallery for March are related to each other.

Allegedly through a heroin ring.

Danielle Sciortino, seen above, is one of fourteen people busted in what authorities in northern Colorado say was a large-scale smack operation.

A wide range of other crime accusations or convictions are represented by the other pics here, including one of the most horrific sexual-assault cases of all time.

Check out the images below — and be sure to click on the headlines or links to connect with our original reports.

Athina Munoz.
Courtesy of 7News

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Kervin Rogers.
Denver District Attorney's Office

Read more in Lies and Semen in Kervin Rogers's Doomed Appeal of Triple Murder

Kari Aaeng.
Aspen Police Department

Read more in Kari Aaeng, Aspen Stealth Schmuck, Blew a .297 in Eighth DUI

Ralph Candelario.
Ralph Candelario.
Via The Signature

Read more in Ralph Candelario's Suicide Try Doesn't Stop Sentencing in Wife's Bizarre Murder

Quentin Hill.
Eric County Sheriff's Office

Read more in Best Headline Ever: "Deputies Find Crack in Suspect's Buttocks"

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