5280 Shadow & Twitter: Who knows what lurks in heart of the Michael Hancock administration?

Now that Michael Hancock is officially Denver's mayor, does he already have a mole... who tweets?

That's the political guessing game surrounding 5280 Shadow, a mysterious Twitter feed that purports to offer inside scoop, most of it Hancock-related.

Check out some examples.

Here are a couple of tweets about former city councilman and mayoral candidate Doug Linkhart, who endorsed Hancock after dropping out of the race:

Next, peruse a July 15 tweet about Stephanie O'Malley and Evan Dreyer that hinted at moves Fox31 is reporting today:

And check out this entertaining bit of allegedly overheard snarkiness:

Are these tweets an example of good, old-fashioned reporting? Sheer speculation that may prove to be wrong as often as right? Or is an insider sharing Hancock strategy -- something that could get even more intriguing down the line? The Shadow knows...

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