710 Day: Ten Great Ways to Celebrate the Day That Turns OIL Upside-Down

Additional photos below.
Additional photos below.
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Two years ago on this date, writer Wax Jones explained that 710 "has quickly become the new stoner holiday for the highly concentrated," since flipping the number upside-down spells "OIL."

Today, laying things out in this way is unnecessary, as evidenced by the fact that Jones's post, "Ten Ways to Oils, Waxes, Budders and Icewater Extracts," is among Westword's most viewed items ever.

How to mark the occasion in 2015? Our writers have some ideas.

Below, see Best of Denver winners from 2014 and 2015 that specifically mention oils, followed by excerpts from marijuana dispensary reviews that laud the extracts on hand, as well as the concentrate winners from the most recent High Times Cannabis Cup.

The suggestions will help you be ready when the clock strikes 7:10 — be it a.m. or p.m.  Check them out here.

710 Day: Ten Great Ways to Celebrate the Day That Turns OIL Upside-DownEXPAND


Top Shelf Extracts

Of all the concentrates we sampled last year from medical dispensaries, one batch of shatter stood out as the strongest, most flavorful of them all — which shouldn't be surprising, since it came from one of the oldest and most widespread concentrate companies, Top Shelf Extracts. The amber chunk of Kandy Kush was very clear, very clean and very tasty. The oil burned with a kushy, earthy flavor on a hot titanium nail, and small, BB-sized dabs were enough to put us right for a couple of hours (though the mouth-watering taste dictated that we take two dabs at a time). Founder and hash wizard Daniel de Sailles has stepped up his game over the last year or so, and we see more and more top-quality hash oil on the shelves being produced by TSE.

710 Day: Ten Great Ways to Celebrate the Day That Turns OIL Upside-Down


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While some edibles companies have been busted in recent months for selling pot-infused foods with little to no actual pot in them, Incredibles chocolate bars always pack the full punch advertised on their packaging. The bars contain a range of THC concentrates, including icewater hash and CO2-extracted oil. What the Lakewood company doesn't use is alcohol- or butane-based extractions — just natural cannabis and a lot of rich chocolate. Consistently dosed and delightfully downable, these are the chocolate lover's edibles.

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