A Border Bison Battle

A Border Bison Battle

The Terry Bison Ranch straddles the Colorado/Wyoming border on the eastern side of I-25, but it is largely invisible unless you know it’s there. The only outward sign is the giant bison statue that sits on a hill near the border overlooking the highway.

I certainly had never heard of it until last weekend when my wife booked us and our two kids in the ranch’s bunkhouse – a sparse building with wooden floors, shared bathrooms and rustic feel -- where the cowboys used to stay (and sometimes still do). Just seven miles from Cheyenne, it made a fun and less expensive staging ground for Frontier Days.

Although the place is a working ranch, it also has a large agritourism component, offering cabins, rooms, RV spaces, camping, trail rides, train tours, fishing, a restaurant, music and friendly folks. Some of the things you can see onsite include the ranch’s camels, goats, roosters, trick ponies, Shetland ponies and, of course, lots of buffaloes.

It was a great time, especially for the kids. But being on the border also means dealing with both states; Coloradans come to the same Wyoming exit to get their fireworks fix, and apparently there is some oneupsmanship involved there, as the pictured sign shows. – Jonathan Shikes


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