A Few of Holly's Favorite Things

Who or what is your favorite . . .

Fashion Designer (local and national):
Locally, my dear friend, the incredibly talented Gabriel Conroy. Nationally, it varies, but currently I have a fixation on Gucci, particularly Tom Ford's last collections.

Celebrity icon:
When I was young, Elly May Clampett, from the Beverly Hillbillies. She loved animals, lived in a great house and had a cement pond!

Michael, by Michael Kors

Mao. Say what you want to about the name, etc., but the food is excellent. I always crave the rock-shrimp tempura.

Again, I'd have to say Mao. It's sexy, has great lighting and is close to home.

Hush on Larimer Street. It has as an intimate, cozy setting with lots of candles and great, danceable music. Where else can you dance to Guns N' Roses?

The Stoli Doli Martini at Capital Grill

Band or singer:
For sentimental reasons it would have to be Cheap Trick. They grew up in my home town of Rockford, Illinois, and got their start playing at the local ice arena.

Mall store:
Forever 21

Auers in Cherry Creek North for their great trunk shows with unique designers, and Sun Cali for sexy European clothing and lingerie.

It does take a village! Planet -- Matthew Morris for the greatest blow-dries and brows. Salon Posh -- Lisa Nichols for amazing color and Gina Comminello for flawless makeup applications.

Bed linens:

What? That would imply that I could cook! I'd have to say the Chinese-takeout-box variety.

Sparkling water or still:
Diet Coke

Red, white or ros wine:
Red. Duck Horn Merlot is always one of my favorites.

Diamonds or pearls:
I wouldn't turn down either!

Yoga or pilates:
If I have to sit still, I'll do Pilates, but I'd prefer kickboxing or running with my dog, Athena.

Manolo or Jimmy:
Neither. My favorite shoes are either Rene Caovilla or Christian Louboutin.


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