A reader's (already kicked) bucket list

Only the Best

I've been a longtime reader of Westword (since 1980!) and now an old guy (sixty as of September), and I have to admit a lot of your music and entertainment information doesn't register with me.

But — and this is the most important — your articles and editorials about modern-life issues in Denver and Colorado are the best journalism we have these days, and I fervently hope for your continued success and good fortune!! We'd be up the creek without it!
Kelly A. Johnson


Charles Repenning

"Down to the Bones," Alan Prendergast, January 23

Meth America

What an incredible story by Alan Prendergast. I followed every twist and turn — even though I found it hard to feel much sympathy for Michael Mapps. With the madness of meth, his life seemed to be heading for self-destruction.

What a shame that Charles Repenning got taken down by that madness, too.
James Frankel

Finally...true journalism in Westword. This piece was written by one of my old college instructors; it's been so long.
Blondy Van Weirden
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"The 2014 Denver Bucket List," Westword Staff, January 13

A Hole in the Bucket

Loved your Denver Bucket List! Now I know how I'll be spending 2014.
Sue Fitzpatrick

Ten things you'll never be able to do in Colorado (again):

10. Spend the day at the Tattered Cover in Cherry Creek. No, not that one — the old, old one, before that. The original was on Second between Fillmore and St. Paul, and then they moved to the corner of Second and Milwaukee. That's when you really could sit in a chair all day and read a book.

9. Speaking of the Fourth Story, it used to be a restaurant called the Chrysler. You could get Bananas Foster. It was art-deco and a favorite after hours with the punk crowd.

8. Speaking of punks: See a show at the Rainbow Music Hall. My favorite — Black Flag, Meat Puppets, Nig-Heist (well, not Nig-Heist) followed by Chrysler.

7. Sit in the actual South Stands and see a game.

6. Hang out at Cin City.

5. Eat cookies from the Blue Chip Cookie Company.

4. Catch the Avs at McNic.

3. Park in downtown Denver on a Friday night for $5 (because it's a ghost town).

2. Ski at Vail for $15 a day.

1. Hang out at the Nautilus arcade at Southglenn Mall.

Hey, ho, where'd you go, Colorado? Colorful Coloroacha!
Matt Morava
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