Aaron Million, pipeline entrepreneur, accused of stalking ex-girlfriend to her wedding in Italy

Back in 2009, Westword's Joel Warner profiled Fort Collins entrepreneur Aaron Million's plan to pump thousands of gallons of Wyoming water into Colorado -- a scheme that raised plenty of hackles north of the border.

But today, he's got a more immediate concern. He was arrested over the weekend on charges that he stalked his former girlfriend, turning up in Italy at her wedding to another man.

In the Westword feature, Warner wrote that "Million likes to frame himself as a rabble-rouser beset upon by powerful, nefarious interests, like the main characters in some of his favorite cloak-and-dagger movies. 'Sometimes I feel like Robert Redford in Three Days of the Condor,' he says, 'hiding behind the bushes or in the trees.'"

Aaron Million in 2009.
Aaron Million in 2009.

This quote takes on a creepier connotation in the context of his latest venture into the headlines.

As reported by the Fort Collins Coloradoan, the object of Million's affections lives in Dallas, but they dated in Colorado. After the relationship ended, Million continued to contact the woman, prompting her to complain to cops in Texas. In early March, officers there told Million to knock it off, warning that if he kept reaching out, he could be charged with stalking or harassment. But apparently, he didn't take the hint. According to a Dallas police report, the woman complained that Million continued to declare his love for her -- a campaign capped by his appearance at her Italian wedding, where he attempted to "deliver a package for her."

Instead, the Larimer County Sheriff's Department delivered him to jail on a Texas fugitive warrant. He's expected to be transported to the Lone Star State to face formal charges.

Presumably, there'll be nowhere to hide.

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