Wesley Cox probably needs to get a new hobby.
Wesley Cox probably needs to get a new hobby.

Accused break-in masturbator Wesley Cox: Let's make a deal

The phrase "different strokes for different folks" takes on a repulsive meaning when applied to the alleged acts of one Wesley Cox.

Cox was arrested in Boulder on Halloween after he broke into a couple's home and videotaped them having sex. And it turns out this boinking session wasn't the only adult material he'd recorded. Also on tape: Cox masturbating with womens underwear in homes not his own.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, a plea agreement with Cox, who faces counts of second-degree burglary, unlawful sexual contact and first-degree criminal trespass, is in the works and could be announced in January, a time traditionally associated with new year's resolutions.

Might we suggest: From here on out, I'll jerk off at my place.


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