Ah! SkyNet’s Taking over Denver! Oh, It’s Just a Movie Screen

Ah! SkyNet’s Taking over Denver! Oh, It’s Just a Movie Screen

Today, just in time for the DNC, civic boosters plan to turn on SkyNet. Don’t worry, you can keep your end-of-the-world weapons stockpile locked away; we’re not talking about Skynet the scary computer-based defense system that takes over earth and spews out Arnold Schwarzenegger robots in the Terminator movies. We’re talking about SkyNet the 32- by 44-foot outdoor LED screen that will grace the side of the Colorado Convention Center all this month, broadcasting videos, news segments and ads during the DNC and other events.

It’s the next gen of boring old billboards, developers promise, and may be utilized in the plan to re-fashion Denver’s Theatre District, the area around the convention center, the Denver Performing Arts Complex and Curtis Street, into a local version of Times Square. Sounds cool, but we won’t be happy unless this behemoth is showing The Dark Knight every freakin’ night this month. But please don’t show Terminator on it – SkyNet and killer robots just don’t mix. – Joel Warner

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