Not Alfred Luedtke (although maybe in his mind).
Not Alfred Luedtke (although maybe in his mind).

Alfred Luedtke has sword, will threaten -- until the cops tase him

Anyone can threaten people with a gun. People who do that are as common as Caucasians at Tea Party rallies.

But Alfred Luedtke, 42, is allegedly a cut above.

This weekend, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department, officers arrived at Luedtke's residence after hearing reports that he had threatened his wife and his neighbor with a sword.

He apparently wasn't very interested in putting the weapon down at the cops' request, either. Lucky thing they had a taser.

Get the rest of the specifics below:

Incident Date : April 11, 2010. Time: 1:58:00 AM

Assault, 1400 Block of S Chelton Rd

On 4/11/10 at approximately 1:58AM Sand Creek Officers were dispatched to the Verde Meadows Apartments in the 1400 block of S Chelton Rd regarding a male outside threatening people with a large sword. When officers arrived, several witnesses said the male with the sword was in an apartment and pointed out the apartment.

Officers made contact with the suspect; however, the male would not comply with the officers. Officers had to deploy a taser in order to take the suspect into custody. A large sword was recovered within reach of the suspect.

The investigation revealed the suspect threatened his wife and a neighbor with the sword. He also hit his wife with the back of sword as she tried to calm him down. The suspect's wife suffered minor injuries as a result of the assault with the sword.

The suspect was identified as Alfred Luedtke, a 42 year old male. He was charged with Felony Menacing, as well as 2nd Degree Assault. Mr. Luedtke was transported to CJC.


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