All Bets Are Off

All Bets Are Off

After September 11, I told everyone I knew to invenst in defense stocks. I had no cash at the time. Google and Chipotle both had IPOs that I knew would hit huge. I had no money at the time that I didn't spend on beer and Mexican food. I knew the iPod would turn Apple's stock into a juggernaut and, on my advice, a good friend put a large chunk of change into Apple, snatching it up at $20 per share. I bought a house with a girl; we broke up months later.

I possess a peculiar brand of prescience, one that is marred by procrastination and a hesitation to pull the trigger that constantly leaves me kicking myself.

In June, at the sports book in the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood, I dropped $20 on the Rockies to win the NLCS.

I can't find the ticket anywhere.

-- Sean Cronin


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