Schmuck of the Week

Amanda Davis Googled How People Get Caught After Robbing Banks, Then Did

When Amanda Davis Googled "how people got caught after bank robberies," we assume she did so in an effort to figure out how not to be busted.

But perhaps we're terribly wrong. Maybe she wanted to get captured after sticking up a Fort Collins bank — in which case her dream came true.

Either way, Davis is a thoroughly deserving Schmuck of the Week, owing to her sentencing this week. And we'd like to award her husband, Kody Davis, who's also headed to the Big House, a runner-up Schmuck nod for going along with his wife's cockamamie scheme.

After all, he says she talked him into it.

Facebook pages for both Amanda and Kody linger online, with plenty of snaps showing them happily posing together during a period when they were living in Texas. Here's one example....

...and another:

But according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan, recent events didn't give the couple much of an opportunity to smile.

An arrest report accessed by the paper quotes Kody as saying he was swamped by child-support payments of $3,000 per month (the couple's Facebook galleries are filled with kid shots) that forced them to live lean. And the situation got even worse on March 14, when he lost his job.

The next day, the pair picked up and headed to Colorado. One motivation was legal marijuana: Amanda is said to have treated her stomach pain with cannabis.

We don't know if the couple invested in weed as soon as they crossed the state line — but they would have been better off doing that than stopping in Black Hawk, where they reportedly lost most of the money they had left. In Denver, they could barely pay for gas.

It was then that the idea of robbing a bank popped up — and after Amanda's aforementioned Googling, they decided to target the Western States Bank in Fort Collins.

Amanda's technique involved going to a teller and handing her a note and a container that read "Take money out and put it in the bag." The teller did so to the tune of $597 — but as  Davis was walking out, the Coloradoan points out, the teller yelled "The lady just took my money! I've been robbed."

Kody, behind the wheel of the couple's PT Cruiser, peeled out as soon as Amanda hopped in — but because a witness was able to ID their car, the authorities were soon in hot pursuit.

The ensuing chase crossed the Wyoming state line before Amanda and Kody were taken into custody, after driving over some spikes put out by law enforcement.

In court, Kody's attorney argued for leniency, maintaining that his client wasn't violent and the robbery was "the dumbest thing he ever did." But Kody was sentenced to four years behind bars anyhow.

And Amanda? She received a three-year sentence despite Kody's previous assertion that the robbery was her idea.

Maybe he's the bigger Schmuck after all.

Look below to see booking photos for Kody and Amanda.

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