Aron Ralston.
Aron Ralston.

Aron Ralston on Minute to Win It tonight: 127 hours plus 15 more minutes of fame (VIDEOS)

Suck it, Andy Warhol. Colorado's own Aron Ralston, who amputated his own arm in 2003 following a bizarre climbing accident, has already gone well beyond your universal fifteen-minutes-of-fame prediction, and the clock's still running. He's the subject of the Academy Award-nominated movie 127 Hours, which he introduced at November's Starz Denver Film Festival. And this Oscar week, Ralston is ramping up his activity -- and further increasing his profile -- both locally and on national TV.

This weekend, Ralston introduced his 127 Hours portrayer, Oscar co-host James Franco, at the Boulder International Film Festival; see a section of his speech in a Boulder Daily Camera video below. And tonight, he's in the spotlight for Minute to Win It, an NBC game show that airs at 7 p.m. in Denver. According to the show's promo, also posted here, Ralston is competing to win $1 million for an outdoors-oriented charity.

For Ralston, fame hasn't been so fleeting, as the following clips demonstrate.

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