Athmar Park fennel plants help clear eyesight and the air: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Athmar Park fennel plants help clear eyesight and the air: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

As illustrated in the Denver Neighborhood Seed packet shown above, Athmar Park Fennel is a hardy perennial herb with feathery leaves and a swollen bulb-like base that looks like a cluster of 1950s ranch-style bungalows packed on a long, curvy street.

The bulb, foliage and seeds of the Athmar Park fennel plant are widely used in many of the culinary traditions from around the world -- from Italian meatballs to French absinthe and Tom's of Maine Antiplaque Natural Toothpaste.

Athmar Park fennel is said to be one of the plants disliked by fleas, and Denver dog lovers have learned to place fennel leaves around dog beds to drive away fleas.

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