Najibbullah Zazi as he appeared on 9News.
Najibbullah Zazi as he appeared on 9News.

Aurora terror suspect lawyers up, gets media-friendly

Yesterday, following raids on a number of residences in Queens, New York, word surfaced that an Aurora man was the focus of a federal terrorism probe. No one would have been surprised if the suspect, Najibbullah Zazi, a cab driver based in Aurora, had gone to ground -- but instead, he secured a videogenic lawyer, Arthur Folsom, and met the media on his terms. He appeared on camera with Channel 9 reporter Jace Larson, but he allowed Folsom to speak for him -- smart, because some viewers might have judged him harshly based solely on his accent no matter what he said. In contrast, he chatted directly with the Denver Post, stressing his love of the freedom provided by America in the main article and providing access to friends and family members in a second. The latter piece contains a casually hilarious defense offered by Naqib Naqib Jaji, who's married to Zazi's aunt. "He's very greedy," Jaji told the Post's Kirk Mitchell. "He lived with me for six months and never gave me a penny."

If that's not evidence of Americanism, I don't know what is. Watch the Channel 9 report below.


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