B-cycle clocks 202,731 rides in 2011, nearly doubling last year's numbers

B-cycle wrapped up its second season last Friday, and the official numbers are in: 202,731 total rides from when B-cycle rolled out in March until 11 p.m. on December 9. That's nearly double last year's numbers, though a teeny bit short of the bike program's goal of 206,000 rides -- something the brains at B-cycle blame on the recent snowstorms. Thanks a lot, snow. You ruin everything.

Here are some more B-cycle-related numbers:

Short-term memberships (24-hour, seven-day, thirty-day) purchased: 42,318

Annual memberships purchased: 2,659

B-cycle rides: 202,731 rides

Miles ridden: 431,817 miles

Average ride: 2.13 miles

12,954,510.9 calories burned

3,701.3 pounds lost

618,041 pounds of carbon emissions avoided

19,034.5 pounds of toxic air pollutants avoided

31,420.5 gallons of gasoline not used

$104,316 (estimate) saved on gasoline

$612,491 (estimate) saved on car parking

B-cycle will be in hibernation until March 2012. When it reopens, it will be bigger and badder. As reported in Westword's City Limits this week, two grants totaling $1.1 million will allow B-cycle to add another thirty stations and 175 bikes to the program, mostly in the areas of City Park, Capitol Hill, the Golden Triangle and Highland.


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