Basil the robot.
Basil the robot.
Courtesy of Gamma Two, Inc.

Basil the bartender robot learns a few tricks -- and gets ready for his kid brother

Robot lovers rejoice and wussy technophobes quake in fear (the latter includes you, robot hater Jason Sheehan): Basil, the revolutionary beer-delivering robot developed by husband-and-wife roboticists Louise and Jim Gunderson at Gamma Two, Inc., their Denver shop, just got a whole lot more powerful. In a recent e-mail update, Jim notes that Basil now has a voice-input system. This means he can now hear requests from people and, using his thoroughly impressive cybernetic brain, more or less understand them. Hopefully he can discern the difference between someone asking for "Coors Lite" and "Corona Lite."

In other news, Jim notes they're hard at work on BSL-002. That's right, Basil's getting a kid brother. In a Westword exclusive, we managed to get our hands on a clip of Basil 2 in action. Check it out after the jump.


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