Battle: Los Angeles trailer to boost UFO believer Jeff Peckman in Denver mayor's race? (VIDEO)

Battle: Los Angeles topped the weekend box office, bringing in an estimated $36 million. But will it also improve Jeff Peckman's chances of becoming Denver's mayor? He hopes so. Peckman appears in numerous spots hyping the alien-invasion flick, including a featurette with assorted experts talking about extraterrestrial life of the sort envisioned by his Initiative 300 proposal, which fell short at the ballot box last November.

Click below to watch the trailer, in which Peckman is identified as a "politician," followed by his press release about his appearance.

Press release:

Denver mayoral candidate Peckman in "Battle: Los Angeles" movie trailer

Jeff Peckman, one of ten Denver mayoral candidates, is in a movie trailer for Battle: Los Angeles which opens today in theaters throughout the U.S.

The early free publicity can only help Peckman, who is running a low budget campaign against well-financed career politicians.

A number of TV ads and a "featurette" include different appearances by Peckman who intends to avoid viewing them until after seeing the movie.

The interview from which the segments of Peckman were taken, was done in December 2010 before he had any thoughts of entering the race for mayor of Denver.


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