Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow

When the 37th annual confab of the Beewery Collectibles of America -- the CANvention -- convened in Denver last week, there was only one possible person to deliver the keynote address: Mayor John Hickenlooper, who gave this town one of its most liquid assets when he and a couple of partners founded the Wynkoop Brewing Co. almost twenty years ago.

But by the time Hick hit the podium last Saturday night, he was no longer an owner of the brewpub or the six other restaurants added to the Wynkoop family over the years; the company’s managers had bought out his shares from the blind trust managing Hickenlooper’s portfolio. But that didn’t stop the shirt-sleeved Hickenlooper from pouring it on for his former peeps during his half-hour address, which included a toast to Michael Jackson, the British beer expert who’d passed away earlier in the week after a career that did much to legitimize beer-lovers everywhere.

We'll drink to that. -- Patricia Calhoun


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