Betta fish murderer on the loose in Boulder!

What did this little guy ever do to you, bastard?
What did this little guy ever do to you, bastard?

Was a betta fish targeted during a home invasion in Boulder? Consider the evidence.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, a nineteen-year-old woman awoke during the wee hours of Monday morning to find an unknown man in her apartment. When she yelled, he split -- and because she initially assumed he'd mistakenly entered the wrong apartment (her door had been unlocked), she didn't immediately call the cops. Instead, she spent the rest of the night elsewhere. But upon returning to her pad, she discovered ten bucks missing from her wallet and her betta fish dead.

Not just dead. Beheaded.

Had somebody put a hit out on this little swimmer? No telling. But until this guy is caught, keep your fish close -- and your betta fish closer.

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