Bill O'Reilly gives the Broncos a boost

Bill O'Reilly gives the Broncos a boost

Yes, the Denver Broncos are now helmed by John Elway, a well-known conservative booster and outspoken past supporter of Republican presidential candidates. And, yes, the team drafted Tim Tebow, champion of the religious right.

Oh, and yes, if God wasn't a Broncos fan, then sunsets wouldn't be orange and blue.

But that's probably not what Bill O'Reilly was referring to last weekend when he invoked the Broncos' name during a discussion with Howie Kurtz about whether MSNBC is a liberal counterpart to Fox News.


Central City

"I don't spend a lot of time on MSNBC. They are not making any money. They aren't doing very well. Their audience is very low," O'Reilly said. "If the bottom feeders want to feed down there, fine. But it's not even close. Its like the Denver Broncos and the Jacksonville Jaguars. That's how far apart it is."


Scene and herd: The town of Deer Trail will vote on December 10 on whether to allow the sale of drone hunting licenses. But Phil Steel, the local iconoclast who proposed the ordinance, doesn't see any reason to wait. Steel has been selling unofficial drone licenses online and recently announced plans for a "drone shooting event" on November 30. The targets will be Estes rockets in flight, and only shotguns are permitted as weaponry. That's going to be some fancy shooting.

According to Steel's rules, participants must have Steel-issued drone licenses, pay an admission fee and be familiar with the ordinance. To cynics, this might sound like a prankster's last shot at cashing in before the voters speak. But Steel, whose home was raided by county SWAT officers in 2010, has always stressed that his concerns about government surveillance are serious. Just as serious as his website's slogan: "If you don't want your drone to go down, don't fly it in town!"


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