Blowing the whistle on Union Station supporters

I s that a light at the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train?

That's the question Gina McAfee may have been asking herself Monday. McAfee, who is in charge of collecting public comments on the plan to redevelop Union Station and the land around it, noticed that most of the feedback has been negative. So, as revealed in an e-mail obtained by Westword, she asked Denver City Planner Ellen Ittelson on Monday — the final day to comment — to line up more upbeat public opinions that could be included in the final Environmental Impact Statement. In the e-mail, titled, "We are getting a flood of comments inn on DUS — all negative," McAfee, an environmental planner with RTD consultants Jacobs Carter Burgess, wrote, "Can you get some folks to write something positive? About the wing walls and also just about the project as it is now configured? By the end of the day?"

Ittelson did as requested, forwarding McAfee's e-mail to Union Station supporters. And she stands by that action. "It's not out of line at all," Ittelson said when asked about the e-mail. "I think it is appropriate to ask for their opinion because there has been a lot of misinformation coming in from other people. So we are trying to get a balanced view." Open Space Initiative Group, a citizen advocacy organization, is vehemently opposed to the plan to build wing buildings on either side of the historic depot. But many people are also in favor of it, Ittelson points out, so it's only fair for their voices to be heard as well.


Union Station

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On your right: In all the hoo-hah over Sarah Palin, nobody has bothered to ask the burning question: How has the GOP's selection of a moose-bagging, pro-life veep affected the chances of perpetual presidential candidate Alan Keyes? Spurned by the Republicans and the Constitution Party, Keyes has made his anti-abortion stance the cornerstone of his latest run with America's Independent Party (not to be confused with the New American Independent Party or several other variants) — and last month he picked Brian Rohrbough, the vocal Columbine parent and president of American Right to Life, as his running mate.

The team is on the ballot in only three states — Colorado, California and Florida — but Rohrbough is looking for write-in votes in other states, as well. "I haven't been doing much campaigning yet," he says. "This is obviously late in the election season."

The team may not have a snowball's chance in hell, but Rohrbough figures it's important to let conservative Christians have a choice. As for the McCain-Palin ticket, he says, "If you fill the glass two-thirds full with poison, it doesn't matter how good the wine is you pour on top. Christians don't have an obligation to vote for the lesser of two evils. The choice is don't vote or find somebody who represents your values."

But are you listening, James Dobson?


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