Look ma, no hands.
Look ma, no hands.

Brandon Marshall in Denver Blogs: Is he deliberately flipping a middle finger at the Broncos?

Those Denver blogs just keep rolling along.

Ian Henson at Bronco Talk dissects a message sent out by Brandon Marshall's PR firm, which sniffs about the absence of "a contract extension commensurate with [his] skills." He concludes that Marshall is "shady," calls the message "childish," and wonders, "Is this a deliberate middle finger to the Broncos?" Talk to the hand.

As Education News Colorado's Alan Gottlieb notes, Colorado's application for Race to the Top funds finished fourteenth out of sixteen finalists. His apt one-word headline: "Ouch."

Meanwhile, Square State's Fong suggests that news of higher-ed tuition hikes is good news for "all of you libertarians who dream of not paying for shit." Wonder if they'll buy a round for the house?


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