Brandon Marshall in Denver Blogs: The more time that passes, the fewer teams that want him

Wouldn't you like to know about some Denver blogs? You can.

In noting the Dolphins' lack of interest in Brandon Marshall, The Mile High Salute's Mike writes, "The more time that passes, the less teams seem to be interested in Marshall. It is the ultimate risk/reward scenario and Brandon has nobody but himself to thank for it." Harsh, dude -- but you've got a point.

The Colorado Independent's John Tomasic quotes Michael Bennet as renewing his call for a public option. That kinda talk will warm the cockles of Dick Wadhams' heart.

Denver Egotist offers a look at local motion design firm Spillt's promo toolkit for the new FX series Justified, which happens to be the coolest new show of the season thus far. Just saying.


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