Brandon Marshall in Denver Blogs: Will he be asked to testify in Willie Clark/Darrent Williams murder trial?

One blog about Denver. Two blogs about Denver. Three blogs about Denver.

In noting that Brandon Marshall, Elvis Dumervil and D.J. Williams are all listed as potential defense witnesses in the upcoming trial of Willie Clark, who's accused of murdering Darrent Williams, Jon Krause at Broncos Zone writes, "We have been waiting for this trial for a long time, may justice prevail." Amen.

Square State's Zappatero thinks that Senator Mark Udall's idea about localizing a health care public option isn't nearly as "Mavericky and Bipartisanshippy" as it might seem at first blush. Italics his.

The photo at the center of the Denver Egotist's Thursday caption contest is strangely disturbing. Of course, I am, too -- which is why I avoid mirrors.


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